My Work.

(These are the portfolio examples you are looking for...)

Robert Whitlow

A website redesign for a best-selling author.

Gatsby.js, React, GraphQL, Emotion
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Storto Productions

A website for a video production company based out of Phoenix, AZ

Gatsby.js, React, GraphQL, Emotion

Me & Bobby McGee

A faux author e-commerce website promoting her latest book about her travels with her dalmatian, Bobby

Gatsby.js, React, Stripe, GraphQL, Emotion

Rosemary & Thyme

A faux company website promoting their eco-friendly clothing

HTML, SASS, JavaScript, Open-Source

Sticky Note App

A simple, interactive application for users to write, search, save, and delete notes

React.js & CSS

Name Tag Generator

A simple, interactive application for users to create and delete name tags

React.js & CSS

For more of my recent work, you can visit my GitHub